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Dear Family and Customers, Friends and Business Associates,

Today, I am announcing the closing of Raven’s Loft after 25 years of being in business. It is quite bittersweet for me as this chapter is being completed and a fresh new chapter is beginning.

As you know, life has been quite different for me over the last four years. Lots of changes that have come with gifts and challenges. Many of you have been experiencing the same things. Many of you have walked with me through life’s labyrinth.

I want each and every one of you to know how much I have enjoyed serving the community for all of these years with Raven and without. And I do appreciate not only the support of the business but your support of me. It has help see me through the tough times and rejoice with you in the best of times.

Going forward, I am devoting a website, HouseofGrimassi.com to all things “Raven”. It is still being finished and should be launched sometime this fall. You will still be able to purchase his books including the newly reprinted out-of-print books on Crossed Crow, Red Wheel Weiser, and Amazon websites.

Your continued support of Raven Grimassi work is very important in keeping the flame for the Old Ways of Witchcraft alive. The foundational teachings or what he coined “the rooted time-honored ways” are central to practicing any tradition of Witchcraft/Wicca.

What is remembered lives!

With gratitude and peace, love and blessings,

Stephanie Taylor


I have collected everything still in inventory in one department.  I have reduced the price on many of the items.
I will be closing the site at the end of this month.


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