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Serving the world since 1999
Home to books authored by the late award winning author/teacher/witch

Raven the "Gentleman" 
What is remembered lives.

                  Many of the items Stephanie creates are reflective of the time honored ways of Old World Witchery and Magic written about and taught by Raven and Stephanie.

Herbs for ritual and magical use, many cultivated and grown by the House of Grimassi

Raven's Loft for the past 22 years has offered very good value and prices
for all of the merchandise we carry and create.
My hope is you will continue to support Raven's Loft purpose to keep
the Living Legacy of Old Ways alive
as we continue into a wondrous and transformed future together.
With Gratitude and Blessings-
Stephanie Taylor Grimassi

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 I do respond to email at [email protected]

 Monday - Friday 10 am to 6 pm EST.
Off the Grid on the weekends, Folks.
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