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Raven's Loft will accept international orders paid through PayPal ONLY.

Once you place your order, Raven’s Loft will email you an invoice through PayPal. 

All you have to do is use a credit card and pay it. You do not have to have, or open, a PayPal account.

There is an additional $3.00 added to the handling on all international orders. This will be added to the invoice total.  We cannot guarantee any international orders unless it is shipped using "Express Global Priority Mail." This method is the only one that gives us the ability to track a package when it leaves the United States.

If you choose any other method of shipment it will be at your discretion and responsibility.

"Free Shipping" offers do not apply to International orders.

Due to the inconsistency in the shipping prices when choosing methods of shipping, all international orders will now have to be notified of the final shipping costs after the order has been placed if there is a difference in the cost to method selected.

Example: if you select a "flat rate" method and the item does not suit that box size, another method or size box will be selected and 9 out of 10 times it is more expense.

When you place your order through our web store and you are emailed your invoice through PayPal, the correct shipping cost for your order will be reflected and any additional charges for shipping added in. Therefore the total may be different than the original automated copy of your invoice emailed to you after placing the order.

When you place your order paying via PayPal we will first email you the correct shipping cost for approval and then invoice you via your PayPal account.

There is a $3.00 surcharge for processing international orders as we are charged a higher percentage processing rate. 

Please add this to the payment or there may be a delay in shipping as we will invoice you for the difference and wait for payment before shipping your order.
All international orders are placed by the customer are at the customer's discretion knowing in doing so has its risks of delivery.  We can not guarantee delivery to your country.  Once the order leaves the possession of the USPS service we can no longer track the package and it becomes the customer's responsibility. No refunds for international orders.

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