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Ash, Birch and Willow Tradition - Course of Study Ash, Birch and Willow Tradition - Course of Study
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 This course is open for registration and begins April 2018
This Home Study Course is designed for people who are considering a cohesive practice and a complete system of Witchcraft as their personal Path. 
The Course of Study offered to you is, in essence, an "outer-court” study period that reveals time-proven methods of understanding and practicing Witchcraft.  This Home Study Course consists of nine monthly lessons that introduce you to the core and central teachings of Ash, Birch and Willow (ABW). The lessons include:

1 . Walking the Path
2 . The Deities
3 . Tenets of Belief
4 . The Ritual Structure
5 . Facets of ABW
6 . The Inner Mysteries
7 . Ancestors and Spirits of the Dead
8 . The Thorned-Path of Witchery
9 . At the Crossroads: Where to Now?
ABW is a spiritual practice of Witchcraft that also includes a magical system.  It is a system that is intimately linked to the living cycles of nature and the divine emanation therein. It carries a mystical stream that is ever ancient and ever new. 

Each lesson is $35.00 per month for 9 months, plus a one time $10 registration fee which makes the first payment $45.00. No scholarships are available at this time.

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