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Bag of Offerings - Fava Beans, Coins and Spelt Grain Bag of Offerings - Fava Beans, Coins and Spelt Grain
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Our cotton embossed bag of offerings includes all 3 types below. 
OFFERINGS: Because Witches understand that a relationship with deities and with nature spirits is essential to the Witches' Craft, it is customary to give thanks and a token of appreciation.

Offerings of this sentiment are made following rituals, spell workings and any work of magic.

FAVA BEANS: This is one of the most ancient items offered to deities and spirits by our ancestors. The fava bean was also used as an offering to ancestral spirits. Each unit includes 13 beans.
SPELT GRAIN: One of the most ancient offerings made to Deity,  Nature and Ancestral Spirits. Grain is said to contain the "mysteries" imparted to it by the Otherworld Beings.Organically grown. 
Comes in a 3 x 4 pouch
COINS: Another type of universal offering in many cultures.  Great exchange for items given freely to one in nature.  Push into the ground from where the item is retrieved.  Tossed into a body of water. 6 coins.

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