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Claddagh Plaque Claddagh Plaque
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The meaning of the Irish Claddagh is what gives the symbol it's significance. Over the years the claddagh design has experienced minor variations, but the basic meaning and significance of the Irish claddagh symbol has however been retained. The hands are shown holding the heart and the hands denote friendship and togetherness, the heart itself signifies love and the crown in the claddagh  stands for loyalty. It is this meaning of the claddagh  that makes the design an ideal choice for weddings , births, engagements, mother's day  and  just about any other gift giving occasion. The deep and true meaning of the Irish claddagh  has also put them into a group of significant icons referred to as the faith symbols. In today's materialistic world where love, friendship and loyalty are becoming increasingly rarer by the day, the claddagh, with it's realistic and worthy meaning, makes an ideal gift to give and to receive.

Irish Claddagh Wood Finish Resin Artist: Maxine Miller Measurements: 7" L X 6-1/2"
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