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Crafting Wiccan Traditions Crafting Wiccan Traditions
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Eager to blaze your own Wiccan spiritual trail? Ready to express your own form of Divinity by crafting a tradition that's all your own? Raven Grimassi's comprehensive guide will help you merge your core Wiccan beliefs into a cohesive and trans-formative spiritual practice—a personalized path to the Divine.

Handpick a pantheon of harmonious deities. Customize your own rules and rituals. Incorporate existing myths or create your own. Perform magick? Choose a patron deity? Work with egregores? Keep a traditional Book of Shadows? It's up to you! Grimassi explores all modes of Wiccan worship and maps out key elements—Gods and Goddesses, ritual structure, religious / philosophical views, magical practices, coven structures, training, laws—to guide you through this soul-searching process.

Both solitary and group practitioners will discover how to anchor their new, eclectic tradition to a sound Wiccan foundation.
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