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Essence of Desire Organic Essential Oil Blend
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This wonderful little treat in a bottle is hand-blended from carefully researched pure, 100% certified organic essential oils in a base of certified organic almond kernel oil. When used as recommended, this oil will heighten sensitivity, promoting arousal and desire and creating an enhanced sexual experience.


❦Step 1: Apply 3 drops of Branwen's Botanicals Essence of Desire sexual enhancement oil to your finger or the finger of your partner and massage the oil over the sacral (uterine) area of the abdomen in a clock- wise circular motion. This warms the sacral area and sends warming energy to the sexual organs.

❦Step 2: Apply 1 to 4 drops of Branwen's Botanicals Essence of Desire to your finger or the finger of your partner. Apply the drops of oil directly onto the clitoris, massaging it in thoroughly and gently in a circular motion. You will experience a warming sensation as you rub the oil in completely. (I strongly recommend you start with a SINGLE drop and wait a few moments before using more, to see if you really need more.)

❦Step 3: Branwen's Botanicals Essence of Desire should be applied before intimate sexual activity. Increased sensitivity and arousal will start immediately and may last for one hour or more.

Made from 100% certified organic ingredients: Mentha piperita, Citrus bergamia, Salvia sclarea, Valeriana officinalis, Amyris balsamifera, Prunus armeniaca

You will receive 1 dram (3.75 ml) of oil, packaged in a glass amber vial, which should last you for several months or even longer as you really do not need, nor should you use, very much!! If you want a bigger bottle, let me know.

The amber glass apothecary bottle is reusable and recyclable. This makes a wonderful gift for yourself or someone you'd like to share it with ... so I guess it's still for yourself. wink

Note: Branwen's Botanicals Essence of Desire is not a lubricant oil and should not be used as such. For best results use only the recommended application amounts.

C A U T I O N: 
The oils used in Branwen's Botanicals Essence of Desire may not be compatible with latex condoms. Do not use condoms that have chemical additives coated on them as the chemicals may react with the essential oils and cause irritation.

Branwen's Botanicals Essence of Desire should not be used by anyone with known hypersensitivity or allergy to any of the ingredients. It should not be used by pregnant or lactating women, either. Women with yeast infections and other irritating conditions should refrain from using Essence of Desire until the condition has been resolved. Other than that, Branwen's Botanicals Essence of Desire can be used as often as you like. It's safe and pleasurable for vaginal sex, manual stimulation, and masturbation.
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