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She of the Thorn-Blooded Rose -- Herbal Plant Spirit Dolls
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Felted dolls for your altar, poppet work, or wherever you need her.  Crafted for us by ABW Initiate, Susan Cote, of Branwen's Dreams.

Each doll is made to order from 100% ORGANIC WOOL from a VT woolery and ORGANIC HERBS get felted inside. I don't use forms or fillers, just wool and herbs. The vines and tiny roses are felted on after I am satisfied with the shape. 

These photos are of commissions I have already completed (plus the original which I made for myself) which were felted with rose petals to connect to and honor She of the Thorn Blooded Rose. I am happy to work with you to craft a doll specific to your need, so if you're looking to connect with a different Plant Spirit, let's talk. I'm happy to work with you to create your One of a Kind doll. Mine lives on my kitchen altar, but these dolls are small enough to tuck inside your purse or travel altar, too. 

The process of making these dolls is a spiritual one, which takes between 5-7 days depending on what's going on around me. I infuse intent, love, and spirit into each and every doll that I create. If your order comes around the holidays, please be aware that there is likely a long list of other commissions, and the wait may be up to 3 weeks.

Each doll is between 7-8" in length and approximately 2" at the widest point - the hips. ;) 
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