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                                   Open for Registration April 2019     

                               Session begins May 2019

    The Inner Mysteries: Understanding the Mystical Foundation of 
     pre-Christian European Concepts Email Course of Study

You’ve no doubt heard the term "Inner Mysteries” but have thought about what it really means?   The Inner Mysteries reveal the greater depth and the rootedness of what empowers the practitioner of Witchcraft, Wicca, and those Pagans systems connected to the Wheel of the Year.  In this Course of Study you will discover many things you may have never before encountered.  What this Course offers is the keys to unlocking and understanding the Inner Mysteries that lead to individual enlightenment and a successful spiritual evolution. It incorporates ancestral knowledge and wisdom and applies it to modern times. In this way it is ever ancient and ever new.

The lessons are $35.00 each and payment is due on the first of each month. The lessons are emailed as an attachment once a month for seven months. The course of study includes a private Facebook group for discussion of the material.  

 The seven lessons will include the following topics:

  •        The Cauldron Mysteries
  •        Women’s Mysteries
  •         Men’s Mysteries
  •         The Mystery of the Soul in time and space
  •         Transformation Mysteries
  •         Fermentation Mysteries
  •         Agricultural Mysteries
  •         Blood Mysteries
  •         Dark Mysteries
  •         Mysteries of the Four Elements

What the Inner Mysteries offer is not the dead and mummified remains of some outdated previous system. Instead they present a living, active and authentic spiritual survival from an earlier natural time when humans lived in "common cause” with the world around them. It was a time when humans realized their place in the world, and drew purpose from that realization.  We all can once again.

Come and join us, and get to the roots of the matter!


There are two ways to make lesson payments:

Credit card OR PayPal Subscription

Read the instructions below carefully when you place your enrollment order.

When you place an order directly on Raven's Loft and pay with a credit card  for the first lesson you MUST then print, fill out, scan and email or mail us the registration forms which will include a credit card for the next 6 months and will be charged at the beginning of each month.  Our website no longer captures card info and PayPal does not give it to us.

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