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DVD Project-Ever Ancient Ever New..... DVD Project-Ever Ancient Ever New.....
"EVER ANCIENT, EVER NEW: WITCHCRAFT BY THE HEARTHSIDE” a bardic-style documentary on the ways, beliefs mysteries and inner teachings of Witchcraft. Through the time-honored tradition of hearthside chats and storytelling, this 2 hour video we will pass on the richness, wisdom and knowledge that has been gathered from over 45 years of research, study, practice, and personal experience.
It is brought to you in an interview style format by Raven and Stephanie Grimassi. Included topics are History: Facts and Fiction, the place of myth and legend in Witchcraft, ways of the Witch, ritual & magic, folkloric elements, shadowed mysteries of the Witch, spirits and entities in Witchcraft, and much more!
This began as a successfully funded KICKSTARTER campaign. You can still be part of this epic project that is unlike anything ever produced before in the genre of Witchcraft. If you would like to support this amazing project you have several ways to contribute by purchasing any one of these items on this page.

Ancestral Shrines & Accessories
Here you will find everything you need to celebrate and honor the spirits of your ancestors and all who have come before you. Candles, incense, statuary, shrines, offerings, herbs, oils and other useful tools.
Ash, Birch and Willow Tradition

Books Books
Raven’s Loft recommends all of the books listed on this site. This means when you purchase a book from our store you know you are purchasing a quality addition for your library.
Customer Favorites
Here we've gathered the top  products our customers order most.
What′s New What′s New
This is our showcase for a few of the new items we have on our site. We add new items continually, so be sure to come back and browse our pages often.
Discontinued Incense & Oil

Magical Seals
These powerful seals were created using sigils and letters specific to The Craft by Raven Grimassi. Let their energy aid you in your magickal workings. 

Used Books Used Books
Great deals on some great books! We have all kinds of used books from first editions to recent publications.The books are sold in groups and individually.
We would not offer a book that we ourselves would not purchase!

 House of Grimassi House of Grimassi
House of Grimassi
offers unique items handcrafted or manufactured especially to support our spiritual and magical Path. Through House of Grimassi we offer home study courses.

Candles Candles
Candles are a powerful tool for setting intentions, magic, remembrance, offerings, celebration of life passages, and sabbats and ritual.
Classes Classes
The House of Grimassi is dedicated to the preservation of ancestral wisdom as reflected in ancient European beliefs and practices. This House of Grimassi is under the direction of founders Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor-Grimassi.

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