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Laser-crafted Magical "Seal of Calling" Kit Laser-crafted Magical "Seal of Calling" Kit
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"Seal of Calling" Kit: This beautiful seal is crafted with laser burning design.  These are exclusive to us and designed by Raven Grimassi. The purpose of this seal is to evoke/invoke or summon.  The Seal of Calling features the mystical hand of divinity appearing from a cloud.  The cloud represents manifestation of spiritual forces in the magical ether.  Three spirals appear at the .....read more about how to perform this work of magic when purchasing the kit!
High John oil to anoint the back of the Seal.  This herb is said to enhance the attributes of whatever it is being used to bless with strength.
The Cotton bag is to store or carry the small coin of the seal.  This can be used to make a "mojo" bag to carry.

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