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Moontime Magick w/ Vitex Berries Herbal Blend
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We women are powerful! And yet, there are times when we require an extra bit of care. While the menstrual cycle is a natural part of our lives, for some women, it can be a painful process. Moontime Magick was especially formulated for women with irregular cycles, prolonged and/or heavy bleeding, and painful cramping to ease these discomforts and help them reclaim the power that the moon grants us as females at this particular time of the month. Moontime should be a time to celebrate being a woman, and Moontime Magick can help.


Directions: Drink 1 cup daily a week before your cycle is due to begin and continue drinking 1-2 cups a day throughout your Moontime. Take back your power.❤

Contains (net weight 2.5oz): A 100% Certified Organic blend of cramp bark, yarrow, nettle, raspberry leaf, spearmint, vitex berries, and ginger.
  • Cramp bark has been used by centuries of women to ease painful menstrual cycles and calm nerves. It's not for nothing that it is called "Cramp bark".
  • Yarrow is considered a harmonizing and balancing plant that can bring on delayed menstruation, soothe painful periods and menstrual cramps, and reduce excessive bleeding.
  • Nettle’s high iron content makes it a wonderful blood builder, and the presence of vitamin C aids iron absorption. It is an excellent herb for anemia and fatigue, especially during the menstrual cycle and because nettles rid the blood of toxins, it addresses many PMS symptoms as well. The astringent action of nettles helps in cases of excessive menstrual flow.
  • Red Raspberry Leaf is a wonderful nourishing uterine tonic that soothes and calms menstrual cramps and reduces menstrual pain.
  • Spearmint relieves gas, bloating, and indigestion while also possessing diuretic properties. (Besides being my favorite mint.)
  • Ginger, with its warming, stimulating properties, has historically been used in cases of dysmenorrhea. With a combination of manganese, potassium, copper, magnesium and Vitamin-B, it nourishes a woman's body at this particularly draining time of the month, eases menstrual discomforts, helps move delayed cycles, and tastes good to boot! 
  • Vitex (Chaste tree) berries have been used by European women for hormonal and menstrual disorders for over 2500 years.They provide gentle and effective action which builds up over time to encourage the restoration of hormonal balance.

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