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This traditional Nanta bag was prepared and assembled by Stephanie Taylor Grimassi.  The Nanta Bag is a very old tool appearing in various forms. The form in which we have it today comes to us from 15th Century Italy.  The purpose of the Nanta Bag is twofold. 
First, it is designed to keep its wearer in harmony with the forces of Nature.   Second, it serves as a carrier for the Tools of the Art, so that a witch can perform his or her magic anywhere or any time.  The original followers of Aradia carried them as they traveled from village to village, and soon they became a symbol of being a Priest or Priestess of the Old Religion. Within these bags were miniature representations of the ritual tools, along with elemental symbols and objects of Personal Power. 
This kit contains: a red flannel bag, a thimble (chalice), a black headed pin (ritual blade), a coin (pentacle), a twig (wand), a vial of special Strega oil, vial of sea salt, a white-headed pin (scribing or drawing), 2 charms for the God and Goddess, a sprig of rue, 2 candles and holders, Red coral 
To read more about Italian Witchcraft read Raven Grimassi's book, Italian Witchcraft .
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