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Oracle of the Ancient Celts: The Dalriada Celtic Wisdom Cards Oracle of the Ancient Celts: The Dalriada Celtic Wisdom Cards
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The imagery is based upon ancient Celtic themes that were influenced by the Dalriadan culture, which occupied what is now southwestern Scotland as well as parts of Ireland, Britain, and Wales. This kingdom stood for three hundred years, during which time it encountered the Picts. This tribe’s matriarchal worship was integrated into the patriarchal system of the Irish Scoti. This intertwining forged the Dalriadan system of legendary magic, myth, and legend. The deck is beautifully illustrated by Maxine Miller, featuring Ancient Celtic Deities and powerful symbols of the Celtic Tradition. The five suits are Leaf, Stars, Sky, Fire and Stone. The Deck includes a booklet by best selling Authors Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor, guiding the user on their path of discovery.
DALRIADA BACKGROUND: The Kingdom of Dalriada occupied north-east Ireland, and its people (the Scoti) colonized much of Argyll and parts of Central Scotland. When the Romans withdrew from old Briton in the 4th century, they left behind the unconquered iron-age tribes of northern Scotland. They were known by such names as the Picti, Caledonii and Epidii. By the 6th century, the tribes were united as the Kingdom of the Picts, established in the mountain regions.Some time around 400 ce, the first settlers from the Irish tribe of Dal Riata arrived in Argyll. It is likely that there had long been contact with Ireland as there Aidan of Dalriada, attempted to extend the boundaries of his realm to...........Click here to read more about the deck: https://www.maxinemillerstudios.com/product/oracle-of-the-ancient-celts-the-dalriada-celtic-wisdom-cards/ 
Cards are normal-sized format: approximately  3 x 5 printed on the usual card stock used for Oracle and Tarot decks. The deck comes in a hard cardboard box made for the deck.  It is lovely too.
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