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Sacred Mist Smudge Spray
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Branwen's Botanicals Sacred Mist smudge spray is made from certified organic White Sage - which has a long history of use in Native American as well as Eastern Traditions for its ability to clear and purify space of negative and baneful energy, protect against the evil eye, in healing, and simply to create, purify, and maintain a cleansed sacred space. 

My Sacred Mist ritual smudge spray has been created especially for people who may be supersensitive to fragrances or simply don't want a smudge with added scent. You can take these anywhere, even retreat centers that don't allow fragrances or lit smudge sticks. There are no added essential oils or fragrances, only the cleansing, purifying energies of White Sage, Lavender buds, and Rosemary.

Simply spray the mist once into the air, step into the spray as it falls around you, and allow it to do its work. Before you know it, you will be able to take a deep, clear breath. You will begin to feel immediately calm and centered. Within seconds, negativity dissipates and you will start to feel uplifted and positive.


"My smudge spray came in from Branwen of Branwen's Botanicals (super fast shipping by the way!) I sprayed around my house and I have to say the smell was VERY nice and not so overbearing so the entire house could get a spritz in each corner. (my husband is VERY sensitive to scent and it didn't bother him at all) For those of you that know me, there are sometimes quirky things that happen in my house, nothing bad just different, so the tension felt immediately lifted and I actually fell asleep and stayed asleep! It was a feeling of peace and, well cleansingness! (is that a word? lol) I can not WAIT to try it out at the office! (Susan what do you say buy a case! lol) For those of you that may be skeptical, its worth a shot and if anything you have a very nicely scented room! " K.F.

"LOVE this stuff!!!! Love that it's smokeless, love that it cleanses and LOVE the smell!!!!! YUM! I have bought some somewhere else and didn't like it so much. Yours just smells so fresh, clean and clear, not to mention it works! YOU and your Sacred Mist is AWESOME!!" ~ C.S.

"I love this stuff! THANK YOU!" - D.H.
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