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WitchLore by the Hearthside Booklet WitchLore by the Hearthside Booklet
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Witch Lore by the Hearthside is an uncommon revealing of the inner mysteries within Old World Witchcraft.  Mystical teachings are revealed through what was once the oral tradition of preservation.  Presented in this booklet are 13 individual teachings that offer a view of the core foundations of pre-Christian European beliefs as preserved in old systems of Witchcraft.  This booklet is written in the traditional style of teaching the Mysteries of Witchcraft, and is an important work for anyone wanting to delve deeper into the mystical nature of Witchcraft.   Witch Lore by the Hearthside contains 37 pages of encapsulated teachings, quaint and curious, to enhance your understanding of Old World Witchcraft.
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